What are the pros and cons of a barrel sauna?

What are the pros and cons of a barrel sauna?

Everything you need to know before you get a barrel sauna ...
The curved design reportedly allows it to heat faster, but that's debatable. Regardless, barrel saunas may look stylish — like a gigantic wine barrel — and fun. Of course, it's not without its drawbacks. They are expensive (over $6,000 sometimes).

Why do barrel saunas not need insulation?

Barrel saunas are designed specifically to retain heat and achieve optimal performance without being insulated. Heat retention is maximized thanks to their circular shape, which facilitates natural heat retention and a cycle of rising and falling warm and cool air, respectively.

What do you put under a barrel sauna?

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There are a wide variety of materials to use as a base for your barrel sauna, but the most popular include a concrete slab, flagstone, a wooden platform, brick pavers, and compressed gravel.

Why do you put water on rocks in a sauna?

As the level of humidity in the sauna rises sharply, you suddenly feel intense heat. This sensation is further enhanced by swirling the humid air around the room with a towel. Pouring water over the stones provides an additional heat stimulus which gets your sweat glands working overtime.

Is hot or cold water better for sauna rocks?

cold water on the sauna rocks: more Loyly, but the rocks cool more. warm water on the sauna rocks: less Loyly, but the rocks stay hotter.